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Welcome to R&S Sportfishing!  

Come join R&S Sportfishing on the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest, where you can experience the thrill of catching sturgeon, walleye, steelhead, and salmon. Our convenient location in Central Washington allows us to provide statewide fishing charters. Let us show you the best of the Northwest

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A bit about Richard

R&S Sportfishing Guide Richard Hassett from Washington State

"Richard, the heart and soul of R&S Sportfishing, began his fishing journey at an early age. Fishing with his father on numerous bodies of water, including the Colorado River, he honed his skills in catching trout and striped bass. In the early 1990s, Richard moved to the Pacific Northwest, the region where R&S Sportfishing would eventually become a prominent name among the best fishing guides.

In the Pacific Northwest, he was introduced to the exciting world of salmon and steelhead fishing, an experience that truly shaped his professional journey. It was here, in the famous fishing locations such as Cowlitz and Drano, that Richard met Clancy Holt. What started as a client-guide relationship quickly morphed into a deep friendship, almost familial, imparting Richard with invaluable fishing wisdom.

Learning from the best and dedicating years to perfecting his techniques, Richard transformed R&S Sportfishing into an expert fishing guide service in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you're planning a fishing trip to Bouey 10, or looking to explore other PNW fishing hotspots, you can trust Richard and R&S Sportfishing. They offer professional and safe fishing trips, crafted to create a lifetime of unforgettable memories."

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